Niki Ellis | Facilitating and Speaking

Facilitating and Speaking

Niki Ellis is an experienced chair, facilitator and speaker. She can assist you to design, run and document meetings that stay focussed on objectives and deliver outcomes. Niki has experience working with boards, stakeholders, staff and clients.

CEO, Academic Institution
I asked Professor Sohail Inayatullah and Professor Niki Ellis to facilitate a board’s strategy discussion. Sohail led discussion into a creative consideration of possible and preferable futures for the organisation, Niki drew the strands together and anchored them onto a strategic plan for the next few years.
Bravo Consulting
Niki is a strategic thinker who has the ability to test a groups thinking to the point of having them develop and test their unique IP. Niki stimulates and directs discussion in our groups, whilst retaining their focus on the purpose. Her background in research, consulting and health coupled with senior executive and board experience give her the credentials to do great work. Niki facilitates our board room and executive lunches and has never failed to deliver results.
Senior Manager in a public sector WHS/workers compensation agency, referring to a cross-sector innovation workshop for insurers.
Thanks very much for your effort last week to bring together the forum so successfully! We have already had feedback from a CEO … (who sent two people) describing it as “cutting edge” and our own GM Claims wanting a briefing.
Niki has the reputation of being an engaging speaker, able to communicate well quite complex issues. She is listed with Celebrity Speakers. She co-developed and presented a four-part television series for the ABC, Stressbuster. For more information on the television series, go to the ABC website by clicking the thumbnail below…