Niki Ellis | What people are saying – the role of the College


What people are saying – the role of the College

28 Feb 2014, Posted by Professor Niki Ellis in RACP

As I phone and email people to canvas views on the future the College it is clear that the role of the College and how it functions are issues of concern.  I spoke to someone in private practice, who is involved in some innovative health businesses, who does not think the health of Australia is business for the College.  He thinks that the College should stick to matters that directly affect the practice of members and their patients.  He agreed however that the future roles of our members in the health workforce of the future was important, and a good subject for discussion.  Another person I spoke to, from one of the Faculties was concerned that the management of the College had become too centralised, with insufficient support and budget for decentralised activities by the various groups that make up the College.