Niki Ellis | What people are saying: Stephen Duckett’s latest report


What people are saying: Stephen Duckett’s latest report

07 Mar 2014, Posted by Professor Niki Ellis in RACP

This week the Grattan Institute got some good coverage in the media for Stephen Duckett’s latest report Controlling Costly Care: A billion dollar hospital opportunity (  In this report the authors argue that activity based funding by which hospitals are paid, could be made more efficient by removing outlying inefficient performers in determining the average costs.  Many people in the RACP would be aware that there is growing attention to the issue of ‘medical waste’.  One of the more interesting approaches has been to involve clinicians themselves in identifying ineffective treatments.  Programs in the USA and the UK have been established in which evidence and expert opinion are called upon to determine ineffective services which are then discouraged.  With the new Government starting to float policy directions for health surely it can only be a matter of time before medical waste comes onto the agenda, and why not? It seems a sensible approach to me.  If so, is this an area the RACP could play a role?