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Who is best to conduct the RTW orchestra?

26 Mar 2018, Posted by Professor Niki Ellis in WHS

On Saturday I gave a seminar to AFOEM NSW.  42 people registered, 32 in the room and 10 online. My topic was Emerging best practice for case management by insurance schemes: Implications for occupational physicians (you can view the presentation here).  The bulk of the…

R U OK(anagan style)

06 Jul 2017, Posted by Professor Niki Ellis in Inside OHS articles, WHS

Ross Gittins wasn’t losing any sleep over cuts to universities in this year’s budget. In a Sydney Morning Herald article titled ‘Our universities aren’t earning the money we’re giving them’ he laid out his criticisms. They can be summarised as: Having recently spent a decade…

WorkSafe NZ 10-year strategic plan

06 Dec 2016, Posted by Professor Niki Ellis in WHS

WorkSafe NZ have issue a 10-year strategic plan for work-related health. Safeguard, a WHS safety magazine, asked me, along with others to comment.  I thought the plan reflected the rather reluctant transition WHS is currently experiencing as it broadens from a health protection model: mandated…

Mental Health: how it will change WHS forever

28 Jul 2016, Posted by Professor Niki Ellis in WHS

The Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) in Tasmania held an event on Thursday 22 July at the slightly surreal hockey centre. The CEO of SIA, David Clarke, opened up outlining the action SIA is taking to enhance the professionalisation of the safety discipline. This includes defining…

The Integrated Approach – a very slow burn

10 Jun 2016, Posted by Professor Niki Ellis in WHS

This week I gave a webinar to the Workplace Health Association of Australia on the integration of OHS and workplace health promotion (WHP). I assumed that the members of this organisation were experts in WHP and would have heard of the ‘integrated approach’ or Total…

Future of Return to Work

12 May 2016, Posted by Professor Niki Ellis in WHS

I attended the Northern Queensland conference on return to work (RTW) in Townsville on Friday 29 April. This was a terrific conference. Professor Alex Collie, ISCRR, gave an update on the evidence on engaging GPs in the RTW process. He showed that the proportion of…

Is Your Workplace OK?

02 Jun 2015, Posted by Professor Niki Ellis in WHS

By Niki Ellis Adjunct Professor, Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research and Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University Follow @ProfNikiEllis Recently an organisation asked me to consider what being a mentally healthy workplace might look like for them. It was a…

WorkSafe Victoria breaking ground with partnerships

19 Mar 2015, Posted by Professor Niki Ellis in WHS

We are starting to see evidence of a more collaborative approach in WHS. Recently WorkSafe Victoria has begun a new program, for example (I am a paid advisor), in which it has formed partnerships with organisations in the manufacturing and health industries.. The organisations have…

‘Collaborate to prosper’

19 Mar 2015, Posted by Professor Niki Ellis in WHS

In public health, the point of thinking about systems, of mapping systems (agonising though it looks!), is to find “new ways of framing public health (that) may increase our understanding, expand our options and increase our effectiveness”, said Kenneth McLeroy in the American Journal of Public Health, March 2006. When…